New Products and a New option!

Posted by Jordan Taylor on

We have had a couple NEW products hit the market lately. First, our Tip-Up Finesse Head (Ned Head), great choice to pair with our 3" Lil Stix and fished for smallmouth or those big finicky largemouth. Second, we now have a Weedless Wacky Hook, Works great when paired up with our 5.25" Stix or our 4.5" Finesse Worm.


We also have a new side bar menu option, LIMITED COLOR RUNS. In this menu you will find a selection of different varieties of soft plastics in limited color run options. Limited Color Run Options meaning they are special made colors that we do not carry full selection of at all times but, can be ordered by request at any time be contacting us. Keep your eye on this menu for constant changing and new additional "Limited" colors to find your next favorite color!